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Kanger Replacement Atomizer Coils

Replacement Bottom Coil(s) for Kanger Products
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Official Kanger Replacement Bottom Coil for Kanger EVOD, Pro Tank, Pro Tank II and Pro Tank II Mini


Please be sure to select the correct product you are using the Kanger Coils for.

  • The Kanger Pro Tank, Pro Tank II, Pro Tank II Mini and Unitank coils are all the same and they are backwards compatible with the EVOD
  • The Kanger EVOD coils are designed specifically for the EVOD - they will not work with any Pro Tank series atomizer from Kanger, the reason for this is the base of the coil is flat instead of rounded.  When attaching to an EVOD or EGO series battery you will have complete vacuum and will be unable to hit due to this factor.
  • The Kanger MT3S coils are designed specifically for the MT3S and T3S they are not compatible with any other atomizer from Kanger.


Kanger recommends changing the coil every 10-20 days to keep your device from leaking, hitting weak or giving a bad taste.  We recommend cleaning your coil once a week and replacing as necessary (4-6 weeks typically).

  •  1.5 ohm resistance has the smallest coil and will hit harder with less power, but also has a higher chance of going out, tasting bad or getting a "flavorless hit" sooner.
  • 1.8 ohm resistance is a good middle, it will provide the smoothest hit each time and will last 4-6 weeks on average.
  • 2.2 ohm resistance hits on the lighter side, however its not very noticeable. This coil is best for flavor and lifetime.
  • 2.5 ohm resistance will hit weakly, and should be noticeable, however the drag will have a more crisp flavor.

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Pro Tank, Pro Tank II or Unitank Coils

These coils will work with the Kanger E-VOD, Pro Tank I, Pro Tank II, Mini Pro Tank II, Unitank and Mini Unitank.

* Coil Resistance
* Pack Size
Old price:  $4.99 (USD) excl tax
$0.00 (USD) excl tax
Kanger E-VOD Replacement Coils

These coils will work with the Kanger E-VOD

* Coil Resistance
* Pack Size

$0.00 (USD) excl tax
Kanger T3S or MT3S Replacement Coils

These coils will work with the Kanger MT3S or Kanger T3S Clearomizers

* Coil Resistance
* Pack Size

$0.00 (USD) excl tax
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